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wally west ( ⚡ ) kid flash
24 July 2011 @ 06:04 pm
also known as what you can and cannot do while interacting with wally—if you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

INJURING: ✔ depending on severity
wally west ( ⚡ ) kid flash
23 July 2011 @ 10:42 pm
a note on continuity
I try to keep to Young Justice (Earth-16) continuity as much as I can, but with only ten episodes and the ongoing YJ comic series to go on, I don't know what history this universe has. So, occasionally I will reference things that have happened in New Earth continuity, assuming that they may have also happened in the Earth-16 universe. I will try not to contradict the already established continuity, but it might happen if new information comes along after I've already referenced something.

( ⚡ ) Always carries his goggles—they're kind of like his security blanket
( ⚡ ) Is left-handed, and has horrible handwriting (partially from being a speedster and partially from just being a guy)
( ⚡ ) Has a tendency to talk really fast when he gets excited/nervous/scared/upset
( ⚡ ) Is a giant geek of the science and science fiction kind
( ⚡ ) Biology is his weakest science—chemistry being his strongest with physics in a close second
( ⚡ ) Loves theoretical physics but hasn't been able to study it much (it's kind of hard to without a degree)
( ⚡ ) Never really got into the whole video game scene. However, his parents bought him a console in hopes he'd play more video games and stop blowing things up. Not that they don't approve of his interest in science, they just got a little tired of all the explosions. Sadly, it didn't really work, but he does enjoy strategy and puzzle games from time to time.
( ⚡ ) He's a Tetris master
( ⚡ ) He is a master button masher when it comes to fighting games (DO NOT LET HIM NEAR BRAWL OR SOUL CALIBUR)
( ⚡ ) Secretly a Trekkie—he'd rather have a marathon of Star Trek than play video games
( ⚡ ) Was bullied in elementary school because he was a science geek and smarter than most of the other kids. Plus he was the awkward ginger kid with freckles all over his face.
( ⚡ ) Might be slightly sapiosexual—intelligence kind of turns him on, but he probably doesn't exactly realize that yet and just chalks it up to fanboying at this point.
( ⚡ ) Would be a great cook if he ever tried it—after all, it's just chemistry with food
( ⚡ ) He's messy and disorganized, but in the "there's a method to my madness" sort of way
( ⚡ ) Has a pet turtle named Velocity (shamelessly stolen from the fic Sacred)
( ⚡ ) Favorite snack: cheese puffs
( ⚡ ) Fixes motorcycles with his dad because it's the only thing he can still do with him
( ⚡ ) Loves Disney movies (but come on, who doesn't?)—The Lion King is his favorite (but he has a very strong fondness for The Emperor's New Groove and WALL-E, even though that's Pixar)

in game
( ⚡ ) Is more often than not wearing most or all of his Kid Flash uniform, because he feels naked in civvies Since he kind of blew up his uniform when he re-recreated the Flash experiment, he is now forced to always wear civvies (until he figures out how to fix his uniform)
( ⚡ ) His current theory on how he got here / what this place is: TBD
wally west ( ⚡ ) kid flash
17 July 2011 @ 03:21 pm

You know the drill: drop me a line if you have any comments about my characterization of Kid Mouth here. Does he talk too much? (Does he not talk enough?) Is the flirting going overboard? Not enough science? Or if my science is completely off, please let me know! (I'm no science expert, so most of my knowledge is coming from Wally talking about science in canon, Wikipedia, the Science Channel, and what little I remember from high school and college.) I am open to any suggestions on how to improve his voice, so please do not hesitate to comment! Also, if you have any questions, feel free to drop them here too.

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wally west ( ⚡ ) kid flash
[The Pokégear turns on and for a while all you can hear is Wally mumbling about Earth-16, a multiverse, and how cool this thing is even if he doesn't know where he is. Suddenly, he realizes the gear has been recording the entire time—]

Uh, hello? Rob, do you read me? Are you getting this? Am I transmitting? Hello? Aqualad, Supey, Artemis, Miss M? Do you read me?

[There's a pause, and Wally tries to telepathically communicate with Miss Martian. He flirts ("Hey beautiful, do you read me?"), yells, and then decides if she was in range, she would have answered by now. That just means, if she is here, of if any of his teammates are here, they're out of range or unconscious—or both.]

If anyone can hear this—Uncle Barry, Batman, The Justice LeagueKid Flash requires immediate assistance. Repeat: Kid Flash requires immediate assistance.

[The audio feed ends. In action, Elekid finally speaks its name, and Wally looks down, paying attention to it for once, not at all phased that the creature just spoke—he's fought Gorilla Grodd, talking animals is nothing new.]

Oh, cool! We match!