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1.400 mph ⚡ video + ACTION FOR EVERYONE

[THIS. IS. FOURTH WALL!!! This is also happening sometime around noon. Also, because he now has his speed back, HE CAN BE ANYWHERE, so this entire post is action for anyone who wants it.

Now then, you might notice that everything in the background looks kind of... blurry, like Wally's standing in front of a moving backdrop. Except Wally isn't standing at all, he's running. Really fast. Hell yeah he has his powers back! He's also wearing his trusty goggles, because now he's Kid Flash.]

Johto, meet Kid Flash, Fastest Kid Alive once again!

Ladies, try not to swoon. I've heard I'm quite a catch, if you can keep up!

[Except he's not sure how fast he can actually run yet, since Johto's weird and this whole "suddenly get your powers back" thing must have a catch, so what is he doing? Running alongside the Magnet Train, that's what. The camera moves to show the train, which hardly looks like it's moving at all. As Wally picks up speed, the train begins to pass by faster and faster, until the nose of the train can be seen. He waves at the conductor, who looks over with a slightly horrified look on his face. Wally laughs, then suddenly everything behind him is a blur again. About thirty seconds later all you can see is the sky and perhaps one of Wally's flailing arms as he fails to decelerate properly and loses his footing, ass meeting ground. He only narrowly managed to avoid (literally) crashing a few friendly Pokémon battles.]


[Private Text to: Robin, Conner, Megan, Artemis | 70% Locked]

MAGIKARP used SPLASH. What will KF do?

KF used FAST BALL! ... MAGIKARP was caught!

MAGIKARP'S data has been added to the POKéDEX.

[At first glance, it shouldn't make any sense at all. But that's the point: it's code. Multi-layered code, at that. Good thing I'll decode it for you:

(1) Magikarp indicates Wally thinks something fishy is going on.
(2) Fast Ball indicates a meeting place: the Magnet Train Station.
(3) The fact that Magikarp was caught indicates he thinks there's a catch to all of this regaining powers business (which is what he wants to talk about).
(4) Magikarp's Pokédex data indicates a meeting time: 1:29 (PM).]
Tags: !4th wall, faster than a speeding bullet!, it's a blur!, it's a train!, it's kid flash!
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