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1.300 mph ⚡ accidental video/action for violet

[So, Wally and Midori have been dating for a few weeks now, but they've been keeping it on the down low because, well, Wally's still kind of getting used to the idea himself, and they basically got together after his fight with Robin, which was possibly the worst timing ever. He's been meaning to tell Rob (and Conner and the rest of the team), but there just hasn't been a good time.

So what are Wally and Midori doing now, you ask? Why, they're watching some really bad romantic comedy together because Wally just can't say no to puppy dog eyes. He is not enjoying it in the slightest.]

"How's the drink?" Come on, that's not even a pickup line! Is this guy even trying? Coz he's never gonna score with lame moves like that.

[Midori giggles and glances up from the screen.] Well, not all writers can be pickup artists like you, Wally.

[The TV is now off. He cannot handle this movie anymore.] I guess I can forgive them, then. It takes skill to ascend to the level of Wally.

[Midori grins and shakes her head.] I bet I can keep up!

[Wally smirks.] You dare take on the Mighty Wally, King of Pickup Lines?

[Midori giggles and winks.] You're on!

[Junior is bored now that the movie isn't on anymore, so clearly this is when he starts recording. ENJOY, JOHTO.] And, baby, you're hotter than a bunsen burner set on high.

[Midori giggles.] Well, you put the cool in Tentacool.

[Wally laughs. Pokemon pickup lines, who knew?] If I were an enzyme, I'd be DNA helicase so I could unzip your genes.

[All of her giggles!] Do you eat a lot of carrots? Because you have great eyes.

What's your sine? It must be pi/2 because you're the 1.

[Midori thinks for a long moment, then leans in and grins.] Do you have freckles all over? Want to show me?

[fhsldkfj is his initial reaction, but he's gotta keep playing it cool!] Don't mind me, I'm just periodically checking out your elements.

[It takes Midori even longer to come up with the next one. She's just not very practiced at this, okay?] Can you help me with my to do list? Your name's written on it! [She can't stop giggling through that one, and at this point, she's blushing pretty hard.]

[BUT THERE'S MORE.] You must be a benzene ring, because you're pleasantly aromatic.

[Okay, Midori can't do this anymore. She breaks into giggles and presses a kiss to the corner of Wally's mouth.] Okay, okay, you win, you are the pickup line master.

Hey, I didn't even get to the best one: Wanna know why uranium's my favorite element? Because I love U. [And smooches. Because Midori missed. What is this corner of the mouth nonsense.]

[Oh, all of her giggles, one hundred percent of them— wait. Wait, what is Junior doing?] W-wally? Is he... broadcasting us, right now?

[fhsdflk WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN. Wally turns very slowly to see Junior holding Wally's Gear and laughing at both of them. He's not even going to bother freaking out this time.] Yes. Yes he is. [A sigh, then he faces the Gear directly.] Hi, Johto, I hope you enjoyed this week's episode of Pickup Line Theater with Wally and Midori! Too bad it just got canceled. [He lunges himself at Junior.] THAT MEANS STOP RECORDING— [End feed.]

[ ooc | you may get responses from one or both of them! also, all responses will take place after this thread. ]
Tags: (atsuro kihara), (midori komaki), (minato arisato), @violet city, at least it's not an accidental sex post, goddammit junior, oh yeah they're dating, pickup lines galore, the mighty wally king of pickup lines, wally your dere is showing, well this is awkward
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